Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Standing at the Blogosphere Threshold

Somewhat reluctantly, I am jumping on the blogwagon. I resist most activities that require me to sit at a computer when I could be creating art or labyrinths or petting the cat. In some ways, I think too many experiences of a sibling reading my childhood diary or eavesdropping on a teenage phone call have made me protective of my thoughts and disinclined to journal, be it on paper or at a keyboard. However, in the interest of sharing more of myself and my work, I am stepping out or stepping in to the blogosphere. My intention is to explore the questions regarding labyrinths, why here and why now?

In my discussions I will be using the term labyrinth in reference to the single-path patterns as opposed to multiple path puzzles more often referred to as mazes. The single-path labyrinth is most commonly used in contemporary society as a tool for stress reduction, calming, balancing and escaping the frenzy of the world we live in. On my website, www.pathsofpeace.com, I offer these words:

Labyrinth walking can provide a sense of calm that is conducive to meditation, self-exploration and prayer. Though the labyrinth is thousands of years old, these ancient patterns still speak to us today. I believe our culture is so steeped in rapid stimulation, information and technology that we are yearning for places for quiet introspection and release. Labyrinths provide that well of solace where we can go to drink deeply.

Likewise, I suppose blogging can also provide an escape or a place for introspection. Perhaps it will offer an opportunity for reflection and dialog that is unlike the brevity and instant flashes we get from Facebook, Twitter and other means of rapid-action social networking.

So, pardon my rambling as I blog my way along the labyrinth path. Step one – crossing the threshold. Breathe deeply, here I go….


  1. Hi Lisa, great to visit your new blog! Can I link from my blog to yours....I know some of my readers will enjoy learning about labyrinths and your work. Blessings on this new endeavor.

  2. Certainly, link-on! I'll reciprocate. Thanks for visiting, Suzann.

  3. Welcome to Blogland! Thanks for sending the link.... I love your writing and will enjoy this new way of connecting.