Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Labyrinthine Life Journey

This year is proving to be filled with surprises and unexpected blessings. In just one month my path crossed with three spectacular women, previously unknown to me, each one producing a new collaborative adventure, sending us off together on journeys of personal challenge to explore new ideas, to stretch, to move deeply, to connect and use our unique gifts to provide opportunities for spiritual transformation. When one is open in heart and soul, the universe responds in most incredible ways.

Life continues to amaze me with its interconnections. One experience builds on another and as we look back across the years we see the connections that were not previously evident. It is something like standing at the center of the labyrinth and gazing out over the winding paths, seeing each of the turns as a necessary part of the process of reaching the goal. Taken individually, the turns may be irritating or cumbersome, but as a whole, each builds upon the others. Joys, sorrows, milestones and loses, each offers a valuable lesson. A life is created from each experience and no two are alike. The labyrinth can teach us to take stock in the life we can call our very own; to honor our own individual path and delight in anticipation of what lies ahead, unknown and unseen.


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  2. Thanks for this insightful post! I just had the realization recently (in the middle of the night) that several things that I am very interested in, that seemed separate and distinct, are actually very interconnected and are part of what I am supposed to be doing next in this interesting life journey...

  3. Thanks, Christine. Yes, dreamtime can prove enlightening - when we take time for quiet introspection.